Sunday is the second round of an election that is unprecedented, to say the least, since it was marked by the Covid-19 health crisis.

A few hours before the ballot, we questioned the candidates running for mayor of Paris-Centre on a controversial subject: pedestrianisation.

For Ariel Weil (head of Anne Hidalgo's list) it is necessary to put an end to the idea of no parking - no business (no place to park one's car - no business). Because the era of pedestrianisation with a public of onlookers and consuming too little to support local businesses is over.

Ariel Weil, mayor of the 4th arrondissement and head of Paris centre en commun list, believes that noise and air pollution caused by cars must be curbed.

For him, giving the city back to its inhabitants, by multiplying the proposals for soft mobility, is more than ever demanded by city dwellers in all the major cities of the world.

While Pacôme Rupin, the candidate of la République en Marche and that of les Républicains, Aurélien Véron,assert that pedestrianisation with moderation can be an asset but generalised it only moves traffic jams, flattering Parisians by excluding suburbanites.

For the heads of the list of Rachida Dati and Agnès Buzyn, over-pedestrianised, Paris would become an open-air shopping centre where small shops would be swept away in favour of large groups capable of paying high rents.

Text : Katia Barillot
Picture : ©Rob Smith
Vidéo : ©Le Marais Mood




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