Communicate in le Marais in Paris

We do not communicate in le Marais as elsewhere.

In this “world village” in the center of Paris, galleries and museums, restaurants and fashion stores, architecture and heritage, tourism and neighborhood life merge. The inhabitants of the Marais and passing visitors alike have an inexhaustible thirst for new things and discoveries. 

How then can we connect the actors of the Marais with their audiences? How to shine and stand out from the crowd in this unique district which is “a capital within the capital”?

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Reach a qualified audience,
strongly engaged in the life of the Marais.


What are visitors to the Marais looking for?

Always in turmoil, le Marais attracts very different visitors. Local residents, Parisians and tourists are all looking for the famous good addresses in the Marais, the best restaurants, the best cafes, etc. They wonder where and when to go out, what to visit... Their desire is to experience the atmosphere of one of the trendiest districts of Paris, but also an authentic Marais which has retained its soul, its heritage and its culture.

Le Marais Mood, “the” media of the Marais!

You probably know this advice given quietly by a fashionable friend. Word of mouth is the most natural way to communicate the famous information that cannot be missed. And we know something about it: that’s how it was born le Marais Mood !

“Have you seen this new store on rue des Archives? This exhibition at the Carnavalet Museum? This show at the Carreau du Temple? This restaurant on Place des Vosges? This bar in Saint-Paul? This “pop-up store” on rue Vieille-du-Temple” To never miss out on good deals again, Anaïs and Katia decided to create a media dedicated to the Marais and make it available to as many people as possible: lemaraismood .fr quickly found success. Between a “city guide” and a news journal, it has become both a reference website for current events and a communications agency serving those involved in the Marais in Paris.

Proximity, emotion and communication

Is it possible to keep this spirit of word of mouth for its communication in le Marais ? Yes, that’s the spirit of Marais Mood! Of course, communication habits have evolved and digital has become essential. But precisely, le Marais Mood makes the link between this need for proximity, emotion on a human scale and communication in a connected world. It is this state of mind that the actors of the Marais want to cultivate in the heart of Paris.


To support le Marais !

If you are not looking for a formatted, banal or institutional communication, in short a copy and paste of a hackneyed recipe? Call Marais Mood. Our communications agency is above all a team of Marais enthusiasts, creative and professional. A team whose heart beats to the rhythm of this trendy district in the center of Paris. But above all, what drives us is you! You meet, listen to each other and create together the tailor-made message that makes you a unique actor in le Marais, in Paris and elsewhere.

Communicate with a strong community

Of course, the Marais Mood adventure flourished on social networks. Our community continues to grow. She is committed and always looking for new products proposed by the Marais players. Marais Mood's Insta, Facebook or LinkedIn, but also our site and our newsletter, help to put you on trend. They reflect the life of the Marais and our team, always on the ground, listening, meeting you, in a good mood, on the lookout for trends and information that will be useful to you.

They trusted us to communicate
in le Marais in Paris

Many actors from the Marais and Paris call on Marais Mood for their communication: le Carreau du temple, Enfants Rouges real estate agency, Editions Milan, Bayard édition, Waam cosmetics, Hästens (luxury bedding), Center de danse du Marais, Coq en Pâte (children's fashion), Maison Léandre (marais drugstore), Bleu de Cocagne (men's fashion), etc.

And soon you?


Le Marais Mood, it’s a tailor-made communication offer that takes care of you. Prepare to meet an enthusiastic, creative and attentive team, who will respond accurately to your one-off needs as well as your longer-term projects.

Attentive to your specificity,
together we create the unique recipe for your communication:
  • You are published on le
    Articles, interviews, photo or video reports, banners…
    You are seen, read and referenced on the site, the reference site for Marais news, consulted by visitors from the Marais, Île de France and around the world.
  • You are pictured
    Photos, videos, portraits, brochures, flyers…
    You appear in our weekend newsletter
    We tell you about it in pictures, we show you your know-how, the unique atmosphere of your shop, café, restaurant, gallery. We talk about your events. We show off your creations. We testify to your success.
    In short, we produce for you a detailed image support, which highlights you. Everything is ready to be used turnkey in your communication, on the Web and on Social networks.
  • You are trending on our networks
    Our community on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn is waiting for one thing: to discover you! On our social networks, we put you on trend, we share your news and we create connections and good humor, for example through events and competitions.
  • You gain visibility
    SEO, Sponsored Campaigns, Web Presence…
    Communicating also means being visible on the Web. With the right tools and thanks to our know-how, we help you position yourself on Google to allow as many people as possible to know you.

Any questions?

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