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Senteurs de fée, c’est magique

Senteurs de fée, it's magic

If we didn't fear misunderstanding, we would state unequivocally that Katia Bielli is a witch. But as we know how this word discredits powerful women and frightens men and children alike, we will say that she is a good fairy. True...

Hank, un burger cool pour la planète

Hank, a cool burger for the planet.

The canteen for 100% vegan burger lovers is back in the neighborhood since May 9, 2020. And more than ever its intention is to do us good with its cuddly toy food. After all, H.A.N.K. stands for "Have A Nice Karma," which means...

Le look de Tom et Brice

Tom and Brice's street style

Sometimes you know you're witnessing the beginning of something. 
In this case with Brice and Tom we saw a budding love, a love rapture. Of course it was their look that first attracted our attention, we liked the mix of basic loose, basic, basic...

Le Merveilleux Marais de James le luthier

The wonderful Marais by James the violin maker

Since 1970, James Chauvelin has occupied a violin-making workshop at 14, rue Charles V in the 4th arrondissement. A connoisseur of this neighborhood, James has made a specialty of repairing, restoring and maintaining quartet instruments, that is to say the ...

Carnavalet rouvrira au printemps

Carnavalet museum will reopen in the spring

After three years of work, the Carnavalet Museum will soon reopen. The date has not yet been fixed precisely, but it is only a matter of weeks. Composed of several ancient palaces, some of which were built in the 16th century, the establishment, located on rue des...

Champop une galerie pleine de peps

Champop a gallery full of pep

Champop Galerie is located in le Haut-Marais, a place inspired by a New York loft dedicated to contemporary art and more specifically to Pop Art and Street Art artists. Here the programming is centered around art market stars such as Andy...

Le Marais Paris

« Ensemble Ensemble », chorégraphie dadaïste (5 et 6 février)

"Ensemble Ensemble", Dadaist choreography (February 5 and 6)

"Ensemble ensemble" (Together Together) is not a musical but it's musical and it's comedy. Accomplished dancers, the four actors occupy the stage and give voice to a choreography which, by its spontaneity, evokes the dada movement. To music...




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