Emiko et sa chocolaterie

Emiko and his chocolate factory

On the occasion of Women's Rights Day, March 8, we met three women entrepreneurs from the Marais, in the fields of chocolate, photography and metals. Meeting with three remarkable women. ♀ After having worked with some great...

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Du chocolat pour la Saint-Valentin

Chocolate for Valentine's Day

10 addresses for Valentine's Day 2020 - It is said that nine out of ten people like chocolate and the tenth is lying. For Valentine's Day, February 14, the chocolate makers of the Marais are in unison to celebrate the love of chocolate. Here's an overview. ❤...

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Maison Plume, la pâtisserie en toute légèreté

Maison Plume, the pastry in all lightness

Both a tea room and a pastry shop, Plume is aptly named, evoking the subtlety of homemade cakes, with no added sugar and gluten-free. Intolerant to lactose and gluten from a very young age - which does not preclude indulgence - Tara Pidoux offers...

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Binici, le salon de thé des matins calmes

Binici, the tea room of quiet mornings.

At Binici's, we understand better why Korea is also called the Land of the Morning Calm. Originally from South Korea, Kim Hyunbin, the discreet pastry chef at the head of this new tea room, takes the notion of calm to a higher level. He is one himself. But...

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Rachel’s Cakes, la petite fabrique de gâteaux

Rachel's Cakes, the little cake factory...

Discreetly installed in a street in le Haut Marais (du Pont-au-Choux, perpendicular to the rue de Turenne), Rachel's Cakes is not, contrary to appearances, a "small" tea room or a "small" pastry shop. Behind this pleasant 50-metre address...

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Sumsum l’as de l’halva

Sumsum the ace of halva

Of Turkish origin and widespread in the Mediterranean region, including Israel, the Arab countries, but also in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the halva takes its place in le Marais at Sumsum ("sesame seeds" in Hebrew), in a single-product shop that offers a wide range of...

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Des petits donuts made in Le Marais

Des petits donuts made in Le Marais

The donut, this small round doughnut made in the USA, now has its full place in the French pastry landscape. Recently, the shop "Les Petits Donuts"... The "Rue de Turenne" is entirely dedicated to him. But beware, far from the fat American donut,...

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Je veux des bonbons ! (Pop-Up store)

I want candy ! (Pop-Up store)

Do you want to make an herbarium or herbal tea ? Go to Ricola's ! The Swiss brand, created in 1940 by a plant lover, opens a short-lived herbalist's shop in the rue de Turenne for the weekend to make its delicious little sweets better known...

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Jacques Genin, chocolatier et confiseur d’élite

Jacques Genin, elite chocolatier and confectioner

At the top of the Rue de Turenne, leaning against one of the most beautiful fountains of le Marais, in a former workshop of the Yves Saint-Laurent house, is the Jacques Genin chocolate factory. Here, it's an incessant ballet of fine beaks from the neighbourhood and from all over the world that have come to...

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C’est la chandeleur, mangez des crêpes… kawaii !

It's candlemas, eat french pancakes... kawaii !

We knew the Japanese loved the French way of life. But we didn't know that they share with us the taste of pancakes... which they garnish with whipped cream, fruit, ice cream and wrap in a paper cone to make them easier to eat, and all that in...

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