Le jardin des 1001 feuilles

The garden of 1001 leaves

Le Marais, habituellement très bien loti avec ses vingt-huit parcs et jardins publics, a connu durant le confinement un manque criant de verdure. Deux mois sans pénétrer dans les parcs, caresser des doigts les feuillages et, luxe suprême, fouler l’herbe verte des...

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Le Club 33, le barbier au poil

Club 33, a new barber shop

A l’heure où certains mettent la clé sous la porte, voilà qu’apparaît en haut de la rue du Temple le Club 33, une échoppe de barbier.Aux commandes de cette nouvelle adresse aux murs de pierre avec ses trois postes de travail et son corner de produits capillaires, deux...

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On a testé le Vinyasa Yoga chez Episod

We tested Vinyasa Yoga at Episod.

What's vinyasa yoga? It is an active practice of dynamic postures synchronized with the breath. There is no specific order in the exercises but this yoga is more spontaneous and less "fixed" than the Ashtanga yoga from which it originates. It clears the head and...

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On a testé le kundalini yoga chez Culture yoga

We tested kundalini yoga at Culture yoga.

What's kundalini yoga? It is an energetic practice in which we work on the energy of life through four pillars: breathing, dynamic postures, bandhas (they lock the energy within the body) and mantras (chants)...

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On a essayé le hatha yoga à l’Atelier Marais

We tried hatha yoga at Atelier Marais.

What's hatha yoga? A rather soft yoga which works in a precise and rhythmic way on the postures. Hatha yoga is a discipline of harmonization and development of psychological faculties: concentration and bodily serenity (power and energy), concentration and...

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Peacock Barbershop, le barbier qui fait le paon

Peacock Barbershop, le barbier qui fait le paon

Barber from father to son for three generations (his father is still practising in Tunisia today), Rached Ellouz has just left the Rue des Martyrs, in the 9th district, to settle in a quiet street in the 3rd district, where his clients have followed him. A stone's...

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