Yuzu dove, candied apricots and Madagascar vanilla, Christophe Louie x Jordane Saget, ©Salome Rateau (l.) – Œuf Trésor noir Hadrien Chocolatier x Aéle (r.)

Our selection of gourmet and refined delights from two chocolatiers, a tea house and a panettone prince to celebrate the Easter holidays.

Brothers wedding
Happy Eggs, Brothers Wedding

For Easter, this prestigious tea house knows, as usual, how to play with conventions. Here, the Joyful Rabbits are tea-infused marshmallows placed on a crunchy hazelnut praline, surrounded by crunchy chocolate, bringing “chewy” to this surprising and delicious assembly.

Sometimes these bunnies are raspberry and rose petals, pineapple and lemon, or even blood orange & bergamot when it is not a yuzu & lime mixture.

If the Happy Rabbits are totally regressive, the Happy Eggs, their cake counterparts, are super colorful and terribly chic! These delights consist of a soft chocolate, a confit which comes with blood orange, raspberry, matcha yuzu or mango and passion fruit which is enriched with an Easter Tea ganache.

• Box of 4 Happy Rabbits €35,00
• Happy Egg €14,00

Brothers wedding
30, rue du Bourg Tibourg, 75004 Paris
Daily from 10h30 to 19h30
Tel: +01 42 72 28 11

Hadrien chocolatier

Hadrien Chocolatier

Hunters of precious objects will undoubtedly set their sights on the Treasure Egg of Maison Hadrien.

Because this year, the chocolatier who delights the Île Saint-Louis with his cocoa sweets without additives, preservatives or added fat is collaborating with Aéle Paris, the brand of embroidered headwear and jewelry.

Around the 70% chocolate egg, golden bees gather opulent flowers while inside there is a daisy brooch or a hand-embroidered bee brooch.

The two socially responsible brands, which combine ancient know-how and creative modernity, pay homage to nature and the pollination work of bees.

Hadrien chocolatier manages to achieve feats with classics. So its dark or milk chocolate bells with pure Piedmont hazelnut praline centers coated in 38% cocoa milk chocolate are delightful.

• Dark or milk chocolate Trésor egg €95
Exclusive to discover only in store, from March 11 to 31, 2023.

Hadrien chocolatier
64 Rue Saint-Louis en l'Île, 75004 Paris
Every day from 11h to 19h
Tel: +01 56 81 63 60

Edwart chocolatier

Edwart chocolatier

Anyone who knows Edwart knows that behind this brand is Edwin Yansané, a chocolatier with a mischievous spirit.

For these Easter celebrations, it is under the sign of fantasy and excellence that a totally multifaceted staging is deployed intended to praise the Olympic Games and sporting spirit.

In a menagerie to eat, Edgar, the hurdle jumper, sneaks through the competitors to try to reach first place on the podium, the rabbit Albert (with his fried foods and mini praline eggs carried by his praline-grilled buckwheat base). ) burrows, who prefers to eat chocolate in his burrow rather than participate in the sports festival.

We also like the soft-boiled egg with green grain made from 38% Grand Cru milk chocolate from Tanzania, garnished with pistachio praline. This fantasy rests on an all-chocolate base.

We bit into the Flat Egg. Its heart is praline (with grilled rice from Japan) and its cover is 68% Grand Cru dark chocolate from Tanzania. Accompanied by black chips (reminiscent of Maltesers), it's generous and tempting as usual!

• Flat egg (dark chocolate) €23,00
• Albert s'bury (dark chocolate) €36,00
• Albert s'bury (milk chocolate) €36,00
• Green Grain Boiled Egg (milk chocolate) €25,00

Edwart Chocolatier – Marais
17 Street Old Temple, 75004 Paris
Monday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. then from 13 p.m. to 20 p.m.
Friday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 20 a.m.
Phone: 01 42 78 48 92

Christopher Louie

Yuzu dove, candied apricots and Madagascar vanilla, Christophe Louie x Jordane Saget, ©Salome Rateau

Recognized as the French star of panettone, Christophe Louie unveils his version of the famous Milanese brioches with dried fruits. Despite his experiences in beautiful houses like Jules-Verne, at Meurice at Dalloyau and at the Grande Epicerie, this humble and warm pastry chef-baker presents himself as a passionate artisan of life. His generous creations made from carefully selected ingredients bear witness to his unique talent.

For Easter Christophe Louie presents two doves. Wonders with their light and soft dough, enhanced by a crunchy icing. Dove Yuzu Candied Apricots and Vanilla from Madagascar, as well as Dove two Chocolates.

• Yuzu dove with candied apricots and Madagascar vanilla x Jordane Saget €54,00
• Dove two chocolates from the house of XOCO x Jordane Saget €54,00

Available until March 29, in store or for delivery

Christopher Louie
12 Rue Dupetit-Thouars, 75003 Paris
Tuesday to Saturday 8AM - 30PM
Order collection from 10:30 a.m.

Text: Katia Barillot



3 Belgian addresses in the Marais

3 Belgian addresses in the Marais

Whether they are Walloons or Flemish, the French love the Belgians for their energy and their communicative good humor. Here are some Belgian addresses firmly established in the Marais.

Millet, from the mountains to the Marais

Millet, from the mountains to the Marais

From the top of this outdoor and technical clothing store, a hundred years of family history gaze down upon you. Created in 1921 in Chamonix, the Millet brand is still managed by the family of the same name. It is therefore a bit of French heritage and know-how that arrives from the Alps to settle in the Marais…

Divine brunch at the foot of Notre-Dame

Divine brunch at the foot of Notre-Dame

Of course, officially, it is not the Marais. But at Son de la Terre, a barge recently moored at the Montebello quay (5th), the 4th arrondissement is in sight. Moreover, this one is incredible: on one side, it is Notre-Dame flooded with sunlight; on the other, the quays, the book sellers, the walkers, the joggers.

Saka, a cocktail bar like in Tokyo

Saka, a cocktail bar like in Tokyo

Here is an address which gives the measure of the transformation of the Marais. And it's enough to silence the grumpy people whose mantra is: “It was better before…” No, everything was not better “before” in the Marais. Besides, there was no American bar like Saka, which cultivates a form of excellence that can only be found in Japan.



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